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A world where every woman feels safe,

is an ideal world.

Project SAFE is an #AI4COVID study leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to mitigate GBV and Insecurity during and post COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Women no longer have to live in fear, we believe in the power of AI and data in mitigating gender-based violence and security challenges.

Tech combats GBV & Insecurity

Nigeria is facing its worst economic recession in four decades, whilst still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and other emergencies. Women often suffer in silence, unable and perhaps unwilling to report crimes and gender-based violence (GBV) due to a range of factors including perceived stigmatization and inequity regarding access to justice against GBV perpetrators.

Project SAFE is leveraging a range of technology tools to improve access to reporting channels and providing support non-stigmatized support to any survivor of GBV and other insecurities.


The Area! mobile app provides verified information on nearby security risks, improved access to emergency services (e.g. shelter homes) and personal safety features.


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International Women's Day webinar

International Women's Day webinar

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